Ndifreke Ukpong, Literary Prodigy Urges Youths To Take Initiative, Showcase Talents


Ndifreke Ukpong, a renowned author who has written books in every genre and composed a collection of gospel hymns and songs, has urged youths to stop waiting for external validation before showcasing their talents.


Ukpong said this when he recently visited his hometown in Obot Akara Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, where he was warmly welcomed by the locals who celebrated his remarkable achievements.


During his visit, Ukpong addressed the youth and shared his wisdom on life’s journey. He urged them to take initiative and showcase their talents without waiting for external validation. He said that hidden talents are wasted and that everyone should step forward and express their unique abilities.


He also shared his own journey as a writer and how he faced skepticism and discouragement from some people. He said that his main goal was not to break records, but to write impactful books that can transform lives. He expressed his hope that others would also achieve success and celebrate their accomplishments.


He emphasized the importance of being prayerful and hardworking, and asked the people to pray for the betterment of Nigeria. He acknowledged the challenges that one may face in life, but encouraged resilience and perseverance. He prayed that everyone would overcome obstacles and not give up.


He recounted the difficulties he faced while writing the gospel hymns and songs, and how he overcame them with prayer, faith and determination. He said that prayer was essential in the creative process and that faith can move mountains.


Ukpong’s literary legacy includes a diverse array of notable books that explore various facets of the human experience. His books range from motivational, inspirational, spiritual, fictional, poetic, to unconventional.

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