Insulin, Asthma Drugs Becoming Unaffordable For Nigerians – Ben Bruce Raises Alarm


A former Nigerian senator, Ben Murray Bruce has cried out on social media while lamenting the rising cost of drugs across the country.


In a post he shared on X, Bruce lamented that the vital drugs for asthma and insulin for diabetic patients were becoming inaccessible to the average Nigerian.


Recall that the former lawmaker called for the creation of a pharmaceutical trust fund to support entrepreneurs entering the Nigerian biotech and pharmaceutical industry. 


“The exorbitant prices of prescription drugs in Nigeria calls for immediate attention. Essential medications such as ventolin for asthma patients and insulin for individuals with diabetes are becoming increasingly inaccessible to the average Nigerian, posing a threat to their health and well-being. The disruption in major biotech and pharmaceutical hubs including Israel, Ukraine and India, has severely impacted the global supply chain for prescription drugs, as a result countries like Nigeria, heavily reliant on imports are experiencing the consequences of this upheaval,” Ben Bruce said.

“Nigeria must shift its focus inward, It is imperative to establish a national intervention fund, specifically to support entrepreneurs, entering the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector within the country, biotech and big pharma industries demand substantial capital investment… therefore I propose the creation of a pharmaceutical trust fund aimed at providing low-interest, single-digit loans to both Nigerian citizens and foreign residents willing to establish pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities within Nigeria’s borders, this prescription will help meet our prescription drug requirements,” he added.


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