Man Breaks Up With Girlfriend Because She Didn’t Send Him Message Immediately He Added A New Year



A Nigerian man has reportedly ended his relationship due to his girlfriend’s lateness in sending him a birthday message.


According to a Twitter user who shared the story, the man had wanted his girlfriend to send him a message at exactly 00:00 am.


However, the girlfriend sent the message at 05:47 am.


Angered by the time she sent him the message, he decided to breakup with her.


His statement “My friend in school once broke up with the girl he was dating cos she didn’t send him happy birthday wishes at approximately 00:00 or at most 00:10 am. He considered it as heavy lack of interest. Meanwhile she texted at 05:47.”

See reactions below:


@TGbeinbo: “I know it’s petty, but my gf only sent “happy birthday” around 5:11 pm and that was after she asked me to give her back a little sum of money she lent me. Always thought I was a hard man, bt I felt some pain that day. Bottom line, if u no get the bag, nobody go wish u by 00:0.”


@ashinwooluwato1: “If you wish me happy birthday at 00:00 I will assume you don’t have anything important you are doing with your life.”


@Tegadeyforyou: “He’s not an understanding person. 00:00!? Kidding me?! Well, unless he wishes her on her own birthday at that time tho. Then it may be valid.”


@ogagaoghen54216: “Maybe the girl Dey post other boys birthday picture approximately 00:00 so he is jealous and decide to break up I will do the same though.”


@ms_lindaa: “He just was looking for an excuse to break up.”






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