Is This What Has Been Smelling In The Kitchen All Day?


A video has captured the moment a Caucasian man bluntly rejected the pounded yam and vegetable soup with goat meat served to him by his Nigerian wife.

The man said the pounded yam looked like “play dough” and when his wife told him what it was, he refused to eat it.

“What even is this mess?” he asked.

“Poundo,” his wife replied.

“I think I’ll pass,” the man said, refusing the local Nigerian delicacy.

He added that he would rather eat leftover potatoes from the day before than eat the pounded yam and soup.

His wife reminded him that she eats his “stupid salad” and he replied, “You didn’t have to.. And I choose not to eat your food.”

He then asked, “Is this what was smelling up the whole kitchen all day?”

His wife then suggested he goes to his mother’s house if he would not eat in their house and he replied: “At least she cooks good food.”

Watch The Video Below;

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