Court Fines Man Over False Marriage Promises


A Customary court has fined a Zimbabwean man identified as Mugwagwa Gumunyu after his girlfriend Eunice Hunda accused him of making false marriage promises to her.

Eunice who dragged Gumunyu to Chief Nheweyembwa in Murehwa, demanded that he compensate her after he falsely promised to marry her.

It was gathered that Eunice is a security guard at a local shipping logistical company where Mugwagwa is a manager. The two hooked up at work and got into a relationship, even though Mugwagwa had a wife.

When Mugwagwa courted Eunice, he lied to her that he was single and had divorced his wife. Their relationship blossomed for years, so much so that Eunice gave Mugwagwa over US$2000 during the course of their relationship.

One day, Eunice heard from two female workmates that Mugwagwa had also promised to marry them and reneged. The two other women even confronted the manager.

After figuring out that her relationship with Mugwagwa was a ruse, Eunice took the matter to Chief Nheweyembwa. When he appeared before the Chief, Mugwagwa probed why he was appearing in Murehwa when he came from Masvingo.

The Chief was offended by this and charged Mugwagwa with contempt of court. Afterwards, Chief Nheweyembwa fined Mugwagwa US$500 for promising to marry Eunice and not fulfilling it.

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