You Cannot Be A Born Again Child of God And Be Dating a Muslim – Preacher (Video)


Nigerian Christians dating Muslims have been issued a serious warning by a preacher.

According to the Preacher, one cannot be a real child of God and be dating a Muslim who doesn’t share his or her faith.

The clergywoman said this while giving an advice on marriage to her single and intending couples.

lorenzomenakaya wrote: “It is important to marry someone who shares your beliefs and values. Whether it pertains to religion or other significant life choices, it is essential to be with someone who aligns with your core beliefs. Hoping for a fundamental change in a person, just like expecting a gay person and a straight person to marry and anticipate transformation, goes against the principles of common sense”


_faithieO1 wrote: “Too much sense in what she’s saying, only the wise would get it.”


official_miv1 wrote: “Her message is not for the less M knowledgeable…. Imagine a Muslim lady dating a Christian man saying that she will convert him to Muslim in future… Just dey play…..”



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