You Are A Fountain Of Wisdom, A Trail Blazer


Moses and Marie

Marie, the wife of gospel singer, Moses Bliss, was seen in a viral video praising her husband during his concert.

In the video, the beautiful wife could be seen standing before her husband, holding the microphone, and praising him with sweet and heartwarming words.

She said: “I can’t leave the stage without asking you all in humility.”

Referring to her husband, she added: “I call him my personal pastor. I call him a fountain of wisdom, a trailblazer, a pioneer.”

While she says this, Moses Bliss couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful words of his wife.

She continues: “In all humility, I just ask that if we’re able to celebrate people, just because he is my husband doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate him.”

“And so, I celebrate you for the man that you’re to this generation. For the gift that you’re to your state and to our world. And in front of all of your people, I say may God bless you, and may you continue to be lifted high. I honour you today and always. God bless you.”

She said all this while rounding up by briefly bowing her knees to greet and thank him, saying, “God bless you.”

Her statement and actions in front of hundreds of congregants while praising her husband and showing humility attracted social media users after the video made its way online.

Many individuals have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See Video Below;

@gmfg_tv_official Marie Bliss praises & showers her husband [Moses Bliss] love #mosesbliss #marie #congratulations #love #wedding #reels #Jesus #gmfgtv #birthday ♬ original sound – GMFG TV Official

See some reactions below:

ExauPFMShop: “Marie W Bliss teaches them. Afterwards they will be jealous and will come and fight you for your outfit. Moses Bliss teaches them you are such a caring loving husband which is very lacking here.”

lilie990: “A woman of a noble character 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I love them so much and pray for them more.”

user1190047947814: “Aaawww..we all blushing on your behalf Mr bliss🥰🥰 this is beautiful.”

tedarlin: “what a remarkable way to honored your husband infront of the world, God blessings to the Bliss’s Family, blessings upon blessings Marie.”


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