Why I Keep Myself away from Scandals — Actress, Allwell Ademola

Through the years, many actors have been enmeshed in one controversy or the other. Nonetheless, the actress, Allwell Ademola has managed to largely avoid scandals.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she mentioned, “It’s an intentional choice. The fear of God is the start of knowledge. I’ve the fear of God. Additionally, my household name is vital to me. It has been built over the years, even before I was born. It will likely be silly of me to tarnish the image of my household.”

Ademola additionally said that actresses are perceived wrongly because they’re within the public glare.

She mentioned, “Loads of issues are perceived wrongly. The reality is that we’re within the faces of individuals. They see us each day on TV .It is rather straightforward for folks to level fingers however issues are taking place everywhere on the earth.

“Issues are taking place in numerous sectors. I don’t suppose there’s any neighbourhood in Nigeria the place there aren’t any single mums. Is it actresses that stay in these locations? It’s straightforward to level accusing fingers at celebrities as a result of we’re within the faces of the folks.”

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