Why Drummer Ayanlowo Fell Out With Kwam 1



Kunle Rasheed, the media aide to Wasiu ‘Kwam 1′ Ayinde, has revealed the cause of the fallout between the Fuji singer and Kunle Ayanlowo, his former drummer. 


Ayanlowo recently alleged that Kwam 1 was fond of treating his band members like “slaves”.


The instrumentalist claimed he “achieved nothing” while working under the Fuji singer for over three decades.


Ayanlowo also asked the public to hold the ace singer responsible should any harm befall him.


Kwam 1, however, refused to address the allegations when contacted by TheCable Lifestyle.


But speaking on behalf of his principal, Rasheed said the rift between the pair started at an event where Ayanlowo allegedly disrespected Kwam 1 in public.


The singer’s spokesperson claimed the drummer came late for the show and was not wearing the band uniform.


He said upon sighting him, Kwam 1 told Ayanlowo not to perform with them that day, eventually leading to their fallout.


Kwam 1’s aide alleged that the instrumentalist “got angry” and asked the singer “are you God?” — before leaving the premises.


Rasheed said Anyanlowo would later beg Ayinde for forgiveness but his pleas fell on deaf ears.


He said the instrumentalist “decided to turn against Kwam 1 because he was not reinstated to the band”.

“What happened between K1 and the drummer is that he was at an event. I was there. It was not as if I was told. I was there at that event. He came in late. And he was not wearing the band uniform,” Rasheed told TheCable Lifestyle.

“So K1 was on stage already and was about to speak to the mic then he looked back and saw him. Maybe people were wearing blue he was wearing red. K1 said ‘You cannot perform here’. And instead of this guy pleading, he said ‘are you God? You are not God now’ to his boss. Publicly like that. That was what happened. I do not know why people are saying rubbish.

“K1 now said ‘No it should not be’. And the drummer left majestically. Since then he has been begging K1 to take him back. And K1 did not bulge with the way they were begging him. K1 said ‘how can you just insult me publicly like that?’

“He now felt he had pleaded enough that was why he went all out. He felt that since K1 did not accept his apology. I can give you like five people that he called to beg Alhaji. Lawyer Akinpelu is one of them. Fojabi of Goldmyne is one of them. A man called Ibro too much Money is one of them. He was calling everybody. He even called my own friend in London to appeal to K1.

“K1 did not accept that apology because he was pained that how can you just talk to me like that publicly? He now turned to say K1 is a bad person. He did not know he was a bad person before working with him for 32 years.

“He was the one who brought Kamoru Bata that plays bata. If K1 treats you like a slave, why would you bring another person into the band?

“Bata that you brought has built two houses and is on the verge of completing the third. And you are saying you did not gain anything.”


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