Why Are People This Heartless – Actor Alesh Sanni Calls Out Man He Accommodated For Five months Only To End Up Stealing His Money And Jewelry


Nollywood actor, Alesh Sanni has cried out after a young man he accommodated for 5 months ended up stealing millions of naira and items of jewellery from him.

The actor took to his Instagram page to make the public outcry, as he bemoaned the heartlessness of some people.

He revealed that the young man is a certain Folorunsho from Ekiti state, and he had been compassionate enough to give the young man shelter when he had none.

Alesh Sanni claimed that when he went out, the young man ran away with his gold jewellery and 3.2 million naira which he got from his room.

Alesh wrote:

“This guy is from Ekiti, his name is Folorusho 🥹 i don’t judge people with their look 🥲I helped him when he needed me, I gave him shelter under my own roof and he flee away with my gold jewelry and 3.2m just yesterday when I went out I don’t know how he managed to access my room 😡 why are people this heartless 🥹🙃”

See his post below:

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