Tinubu’s Pushback Means Something Is Suspicious – Atiku


Atiku and Tinubu

Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has stated that the attempt by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to stop the unravelling of the controversy around his academic records shows that something is fishy.

Atiku stated this in a statement issued on Wednesday by his United States counsel, Angela Liu.

Recall that a US court had dismissed a suit seeking Tinubu’s academic records after Abubakar withdrew the case in order to avoid abuse of court processes.

According to Liu, the pushback by Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the 2023 election, means he has something to hide about his academic records from the Chicago State University.

Atiku’s lawyer said Tinubu should be keen on clearing the controversy surrounding his academic records at the US institution.

She said: “Mr Tinubu should have been keen to clear up any inconsistencies in his academic achievements and set the records straight by allowing the expedition of the legal process.

“If there is an explanation for the discrepancies we have identified, we would think that Mr Tinubu would be eager to provide it.

“If you would like to provide an explanation to us, we are happy to consider it. That might preclude the need for, or at least expedite the deposition.

“In candour, the vehemence of Mr Tinubu’s opposition to this discovery is increasing rather than mitigating our suspicions.”

The lawyer said Tinubu had been counselled to join the case earlier but he chose to remain silent.

Liu added that the president waited until Atiku’s team submitted an “order directing discovery” of his academic records in court before indicating interest in joining the suit.

She added: “Mr Tinubu turned around a week later and headed straight to the states district court for the northern district of Illinois to apply to join as previously advised without consulting with Mr Abubakar, perceived as a devious delay gimmick.

“At the outset, the applicant emphasises that he does not oppose the motion, but questions why Mr Tinubu filed it, instead of contacting and coordinating with the applicant’s counsel to submit a joint submission.”


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