Tinubu Placed Spies In Labour Party That Monitored Peter Obi Phone Calls During The Election – Reno Omokri



A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has claimed that Bola Tinubu, president-elect has spies in the Labour Party (LP).



Omokri made the claim on his social media page.


Speaking via Instagram, he wrote, “Tinubu has many moles and fifth columnists in the Labour Party. The fat attack puppy works for Tinubu. One of the Labour Party spokespeople works for Tinubu. One of his topmost party leaders also works for Tinubu. Peter Obi’s strategies, plans and movements, were being fed to Tinubu. His calls were being monitored. During the election, Tinubu knew more about Obi than even Obi’s wife. But when people think they are political geniuses, when they are, in reality, political neophytes, they will believe that they can blow out the sun with their breath!

“By the way, Labour is not the only party in which Tinuhu had his fifth columnists.”


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