This Is A Fake Account


Israel and Sheila

Sheila, the estranged wife of Israel Afeare, the aide of Afrobeats star, Davido, has dismissed reports that she referred to him as a “2 minutes” man.

This clarification was made in response to an accusation made by an imposter that Sheila had used an ‘X’ account to hide while making derogatory remarks about Israel.

To mislead people, the user created fake, antagonistic chats between Sheila and Isreal DMW on Twitter to pour more fire into the existing case trending.

The Twitter post read: “Since Isreal has decided to bring this whole issue online, let me start dropping evidence. You said I forced you to marry me because I was a virgin. Should I also tell the whole world how you are a 2 mins man? Just few days ago you were begging me to forgive you, and now you took…” “The whole issue is online, I will be posting all the evidence soon. Let’s see how it goes.”

Sheila responded by saying she wasn’t the one behind the account. She further clarified that she is not on X and that the allegations are baseless.

“I’m not on Twitter! This is a fake account, and everything posted there isn’t valid,” she wrote on her Instagram story.


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