This Guarantees Nothing – Influencer, Morris Reacts to Moses Bliss and Wife Being Prayed For



A Twitter influencer, Morris has reacted to a trending photo of gospel singer, Moses Bliss and his wife being prayed for by many pastors on their wedding day.


According to him, the prayer guarantees nothing in the marriage.


Recall that the couple had their marriage in Ghana over the weekend.


Reacting to the phoot, Morris stated that the action of praying itself doesn’t guarantee anything, and the success of the marriage is entirely dependent on the wife and husband to make it work.


His words read …


“I promise you, this absolutely guarantees nothing.


The success of the marriage is exclusively on the man and wife to make it work.”


See reactions below:


@Benking443 said: “They have work to do but my dear, there are kinds men whose utterances upon your marriage will bring and unusual prosperity in your marriage.”


@naturalboifilmz opined: “You’re not totally wrong, but there’s a deeper aspect, bro.


Do you realize that marriage can attract challenges beyond you and your partner’s understanding? Like Childlessness, sickness, setbacks, sudden death, miscarriage, and more. While prayer may not fully prevent these challenges if they’re meant to occur, it can provide strength and grace to overcome them and thrive despite adversity.”


@Akpotin1 remarked: “If Pastor Chris fit divorce who are these coat wearing men whose ‘layimg of hands’, guarantee anything?”


@ChuksOhaxx stated: “I see them as eye service, nothing is special here. This is even putting themselves up for pressure from what future holds”


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