They Deserve It – Comedian KlintonCod Says Soldiers Lamenting N50,000 Monthly Pay Deserve the Low Pay



Comedian Ekene Clinton Egbuna aka KlintonCod has reacted to a video of a Nigerian soldiers lamenting over his monthly pay of N50,000.


He said soldiers deserve the meagre pay they get from the government.


Reacting on Twitter, KlintonCod wrote: “In my opinion they deserve it, if they want salary increase, it’s also in their hands. Let them continue protecting people sharing millions of dollars whilst they receive N50k to live in the forest away from their families.”


When a follower disagreed with him, the comedian replied: “You sound as though you have amnesia, people like you tried a few times protesting for better living conditions for everyone INCLUDING our security personnels, who does the government send to kill them when they attempt it? the military? Was endsars a fairytale to you???”


Later, he apologised, writing: “If you are a soldier reading my tweets, it wasn’t my intention to upset you oh but listen, yall deserve way better than what you get. The country is rich enough for your families to be looked after whilst you fight terrorism but people are playing politics with your lives on God.”


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