They Both Love Me – Nigerian Man Seeks Advice On Who To Marry Between His Two Girlfriends



A Nigerian man based in Abuja has sought for help on making a decision.


The Abuja-based music artist revealed that he’s currently dating two ladies, but confused on who to marry.


In a Facebook post, he said in a Facebook post on Monday, June 19. 


“Help a brother, I have two girls that I am currently dating now,” 


“They both love me like bad, but am just trying to make a good choice, out of them, the first one is good, she is supportive, she always understand, she care so much, she doesn’t demand too much, and she have a hand work, but if she is angry with you or she suspect u of anything, they is always a war, even if u apologize, before she accept things as already been destroy, but the second one she is not yet working, she is caring too, and she always have a good plan for the feature, she is loyal, she ask question before getting to action, so guys which one is good to settle down with?”



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