Sometimes, Your Wife’s Lack Of Beauty Is The Result Of Your Lack Of Money


Reno Omokri

Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has taken to ‘X’ to appeal to men to take care of their wives if they want them to look good.

In his post, Reno opined that a married woman’s lack of beauty is sometimes a result of her husband’s lack of money. He asked men to invest heavily in their wives’ beauty so they could look as attractive as the women they admire outside their matrimony.

He wrote;

‘’If you see a lady outside who attracts you, go home and invest in your wife to make her as beautiful, so you won’t have to eat outside. Invest in her hair, clothes and makeup. Make what you have as good as or better than what catches your eye outside. Rather than complain about your wife’s looks and say she was not like this when you married her, get her gym membership and or a gym instructor.

Give her money to shop for clothes. Lavish her with facials and the soft touch. Pay for her to patronise spas. The more you spend on soup, the more delicious it will be. Sometimes, your wife’s lack of beauty is the result of your lack of money! ‘’


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