So Na You Dey F**k My Wife


A video has captured the moment a Nigerian man confronted his wife after he saw her with another man in Europe.

The wife was sitting with the man in a small wooden enclosure in a park when her husband accosted them.

“So, na you dey f*** my wife?” the husband asked as he approached them.

 The wife tried to explain her purpose for meeting the man but her husband interrupted her.

 “You know wetin make me leave work come here?” the husband asked his wife before turning to the other man to say, “Bros, all these things wey I dey hear, so na true?”

The other man looked quizzically at the married woman, like he was expecting her to do something about her husband.

“You know I leave work come here,” the husband said.

“Stop this thing wey you dey do,” the wife replied.

As the man filmed his wife and the other man, both are seen dodging the camera.

The other man put his phone to his ear like he was answering a call but the husband went after him and said: “Bros, so na you dey do me this thing?”

“You’re embarrassing me,” the other man replied.

‘Which embarrasing you?
” the husband asked.

“I say you’re embarassing me,” the man pointed a warning finger at the husband.
“Slap me now if you’re a man,
” the husband dared the man.

The wife proceeded to carry her things and walked out of the park, while her husband followed, filming and confronting her.

 Watch The Video Below;

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