She Almost Blinded Me While Trying To Record Me


Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has opened up on what transpired that led to an altercation with a lady at the movie premiere of actress, Mercy Aigbe, last night.

After a video went viral that showed Bobrisky having a heated exchange with a lady, he finally spoke out about the incident and gave an account of what transpired.

Bobrisky claims that the lady did not respect her boundaries, which led to the altercation.

He described how the woman in question went too far with filming. Bobrisky called the woman’s actions intrusive and claimed that, in an apparent attempt to record an embarrassing video of him, she almost put her phone in his eye.

Bobrisky vented his annoyance in a live video, wondering if he was the only famous person attending the event.

He also acknowledged that he had confronted her, telling her not to film him in that way and threatening to destroy her phone if she continued. Despite being intense, the situation thankfully did not turn violent.

In the live video, Bobrisky spoke to his fans once more and warned them. He threatened to smash the phones of people who filmed him in a way that restricted his movement or violated his personal space, saying he would not take it.

See a video of him speaking below;

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