Seyilaw Reveals That Serial Fraudster Arrested By EFCC Is The Son Of His Pastor (Photo)

Seyilaw and his pastor’s son who is a serial fraudster
The identity of a serial fraudster arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes commission has been blown by popular Nigerian comedian, Seyilaw.
Seyilaw revealed that the suspected serial fraudster is the son of his pastor. 
Recall that yesterday, the EFCC announced the arrest of one Adeyemi Olufunmilade, a suspected serial fraudster who has allegedly swindled quite a number of Nigerians.
Comedian, Seyilaw who has also fallen victim of Adeyemi’s fraudulent acts, took to his twitter page to identify the suspect as the son of his pastor in the church he attended while growing up. Adeyemi is said to be the son of a senior pastor in the Christ Apostolic Church where he holds a National office. 
Seyilaw wrote: “He is the son of a Pastor in the church, I attended growing up. He defrauded me too. @officialEFCC can I bring my case too? Thanks. His father once asked me, who is your father in this church because I begged for N1000 to complete my Jamb form fee and his son defrauded year later.”
He also went to his Instagram page to write about the arrest, he wrote:
"This is one of the very many reasons, I said I will keep helping as much as I can and will never look down on anybody. Another interesting thing that happened to me was when my cousin told my mum that her children can never need help from my mum’s children because she felt they will do better than us because we were squatting with them.

Years later, I had to send money to one of her daughters to be discharged from hospital and many more. God is beyond human thoughts because His thought of you is of GOOD.

In this month of SEPTEMBER, as the world look down on you to mock you, the heavens will look down on you to elevate you and flaunt it in their faces in Jesus’ name. Happy New Month."

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