Saskay Is The 4th Girl He’s Dating In 1 year – More Chats Leak As Man Calls Out Chef Derin For Dumping His Friend


Saskay and Derin

Saskay and her man, Chef Derin

A man has taken to the ‘X’ platform to slam Chef Derin, the boyfriend of Saskay for allegedly dumping his friend and going after fame after he announced his relationship with the reality star.

Chef Derin has been making headlines since yesterday evening after some chats with his friend were leaked online by some anonymous persons.

Amidst the brouhaha, more chats have been leaked online where it was disclosed that Saskay was the fourth girl Chef Derin had been dating in the space of one year.

A man has also taken to his page to call out Chef Derin for dumping his friend for Saskay. He also went ahead to heap curses on Chef Derin for being a playboy.

In his words; “God will punish you for what you did to me friend, how you used her, fucked up her life and dumped her for Saskay Olorun you will never see good in your life. Look at how you’ve disgraced yourself, you dumped my friend for the fame now you’ve gotten it yet you’re not satisfied.”



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