Reactions As Nigerian Pastor Wears BetKing Shirt To Preach In Church


A Nigerian pastor has been spotted wearing a popular sports betting company’s shirt during a service in church.

A photo of the cleric in a Betking shirt emerged on social media and sparked reactions from football fans.

He wore the polo to mount the pulpit and deliver his sermon to the congregation without being bothered about what many would say.

Some punters reacted by trying to give football-related explanations on the reason behind his outfit.

@77_Ajibs; So the church members can know what’s at stake.

@M0dJ0sh; And teach them how to double their chances of being blessed.

@Oni_Omokehinde; Against all odds we shall prevail.

@Iam_Casmir; Get the message; Bet can never be a king, Jesus remains king of kings

@nathan_oji; Be like the topic today na believers to win either half.

@OlabisiOlaniran; He may not even know the significance or the look of that short to his own work. TB Joshua once wore a Liverpool Carlsberg-sponsored shirt on live TV oblivious of the fact that Carlsberg is a beer brand

@Papinla_; He wants them to know the ticket to heaven.

@ExtraKamso; He wanted to tell the congregations about the odds of life.

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