Rapper, Soulja Boy Offers to Buy TikTok



American rapper, Soulja Boy has said he’s interested in buying popular social media app, TikTok.


He is now the first person to indicate his interest in acquiring TikTok after U.S President, Joe Biden signed a foreign aid package into law that would see the Chinese-owned social media platform banned in the U.S. if it’s not sold within nine months.


On his X handle, Soulja Boy condemned the new law, saying if the U.S authorities ban TikTok, they can also ban any other app or site in the future.


“I can’t believe yall just gon let them ban TikTok like that. And yall think it’s funny. If they do it to this app they can do it to any app or site. Not cool fr yall will see later,” he wrote.


In another post, the rapper jokingly suggested that he will buy TikTok.


Soulja Boy wrote: “How much yall want for TikTok? I’ll buy it. @tiktok_us.”


TikTok has vowed to take legal action against the new law.


The app spokesperson, Alex Haurek called the law “unconstitutional” in a statement and vowed to “challenge it in court.”

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