Prophetess And Daughters Accused Of Assaulting Church Member Who Rejected Questionable Beliefs And Left The Church


The leader of Trinity International Fellowship Ministry, Prophetess Ruramai Nhapata, alongside her daughters, Esther Nhapata and Gamuchirayi Nhapata, have been accused of physically assaulting a former church member for rejecting their controversial teachings and leaving the church.

She is accused of carrying out the attack alongside her daughter against Ruvimbo Mugwindidza. Ruvimbo who had grown disillusioned by the abuse and indoctrination within the church was severely assaulted by the trio after she decided to leave the church.

Narrating her ordeal, the victim alleged that the family used false teachings to manipulate individuals into joining their ministry, and she could no longer live a life based on falsehoods.

She said;

“I have been subjected to emotional and physical abuse by the family while staying at their house to grow their ministry.

“We were being indoctrinated with falsehoods as a way of convincing people to join her ministry. I could not continue living in falsehoods for the sake of free accommodation and free food. I could not continue hardening my heart for the sake of supporting their false spiritual powers and cooked messages of prosperity. She claimed to have angels, who always hover around her since she has been sent by God.”

According to Ruvimbo, the altercation occurred after she made the decision to leave the ministry and bid farewell to the family. In response, the three individuals attacked her, resulting in her sustaining injuries, including a bleeding nose.

She added;

“I collected my belongings and bade them farewell, and that is when the three assaulted me until I bled from my nose.”

Apostle Nhapata however denied Ruvimbo’s allegations, insisting that she was beaten up for spreading falsehoods. Esther, one of the daughters involved in the assault, admitted to their actions but defended her mother, asking that the focus be shifted away from the Apostle.

Coming to the defence of the Apostle, another church member known as Kamuzunguze claimed that the assault was a form of discipline.

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