How We Were Offered N144m To Sell Our Facebook Page – Mark Angel & Emmanuela Reveals

Mark Angel and Emmanuella
While speaking in an exclusive interview with, Nigeria’s most popular child comedian, Emanuella and her uncle, Mark Angel, revealed that their Facebook page with more than 4.4 million followers once attracted the attention of a foreign company and they were offered $400,000 (N144m) to sell it. 
The comic child actor, Emmanuela who disclosed that she wants to be a make-up artiste, said; “I want to be a makeup artiste in future. Because I want to beautify people’s face. I also want to be a dancer.” 
On why they shoot their videos in Port Harcourt, the said; "We are based in Lagos but we shoot most of our videos in Port Harcourt. To work in Lagos is very hard. If you want to start shooting, agbero’s will come and start demanding outrageous sums of money from you. 

"There was a time we were asked to pay N170, 000 settling these touts before we were allowed to shoot. That’s why we shoot in PH and market our skits in Lagos."

Speaking on how they were offered a whopping N144million to sell their Facebook page, they said; "Recently, a company wanted to buy out our Facebook page. 
"I thought it as a scam but this company is well known and they offered us $400,000 when I converted it to Naira, it was more than N100million (N144m). My first thought was ‘guys lets sell it.’ But we can’t sell it because it’s not all about money. 

"Money cannot buy what we do. If you think about it, you can sell it and start again but there are people who can only get a laugh through that channel and by selling it, you will deny them that chance."’s Abisola Alawode, Emanuella and Mark Angel during their interview session
On how their skits influenced an African leader, they said; "There was an African president who told us we saved him from taking a rash decision that would have affected his country. 

"We were invited for dinner and we did not know why we were invited until he shared his testimony with us."
Watch them below:  

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