Nollywood Actress, Susan Peters Settles Debt After Makeup Artist Disgraced Her Online

Susan Peters and Tonia
Popular Lagos-based makeup artist, Tonia who dragged Nollywood actress Susan Peters on the social media some days ago has been paid.
The make up artist humiliated Susan Peters over her refusal to pay for her service and pick her call. To prevent herself from further ridiculous humiliation, the Nollywood actress quickly settled her debt. The actress has started firing back at the inpatient MUA on the social media.
Here are some of her posts.
“WakandaKingdom, no room for attention seekers. #SusanPeters #Suezplace #SuezKitchen #SueRitzPlc #Suezplace #Agboyiventures #12ADProductions we no be mates at all #nooneisindispensable Nigerians always like one sided story , looking for cheap publicity. I have gone out the building, we are made of steel. Makeup by bellb, I will soon post all the alerts to all the accounts paid.”

“I will live and let God, he alone knows the truth, God of Shiloh!!! Certain people will always bad mouth people forgetting this world is a circle, it s well.”
Tonia also fired back at Susan Peters:
Her words:
“Do NOT take my Quietness for Stupidity. If being TRUTHFUL makes me Bad.
Then I’m F**king BAD. Please leave my dp alone. It’s been there for weeks, I’m not gonna change it now.
To all those talking bout patience, I pray and hope to God, you don’t get owed in your business at a time of EMERGENCY , I pray.
If I wanted cheap publicity, I would have done it since not now”.

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