Nigerians React After Police Officers Were Seen Blocking Car With Yellow Van (Video)



A video has gone viral showing officers of the Nigerian police in a struggle with a car. The police officers were seen attempting to block the car with a yellow van.



Many commented that the officers could be armed robbers which was why the driver of the car didn’t stop even after they broke his side mirror.


It is unclear why police officers decided to embark on patrol using a van. The unprofessional conduct of the officers has left tongues wagging on social media.


See comments below:




This country sha, Naso dem carry me the last time, imagine my car paper is complete and they searched the car dem no see anything but becos say I be youth wey dey drive car they nearly lock me up that night, they released me for midnight only becos say I sabi person if not I go sleep for cell that night untop say I be youth I dey drive car, no offense at all o dem still collect money before dem leave me smh 🤦🏻‍♂️




Well I can’t blame the guy. That’s a public bus not a police van, they can be kidnappers or robbers 🤷‍♂️




Bro me was actually expecting the mhad reverse if one leg follow side mirror break no go bad




Obob! I go park the car.. you go pay for my side mirror.




If I no put the car for reverse back make I know Wetin cus am😡😡




He only need 1 more reverse and clear at lest 1 police officers legs for damages 😢




See am dem break him side mirror 😂




Awon omo ika 😂😂💔😂them go buy loud and codeine




But why the run




No be say he be thief oo but he gats run… police na the thief… how much be side mirror kwan? Compared to Wetin police go rip am off




A lot is happening in this country bro😢😢




Omoooh kinda scary 😧




Which kind yeye country be this




RIP mohbad 😭😭😭😭😭😭




Arm rubbery


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