Nigerians Must Get Value For Their Money Paid As Tax. Enough of Road Contractors Doing Shady Work And Getting Paid For It



Minister of works, David Umahi has issued a warning to contractors using asphalt in road construction in the country.



According to him, they must sign a 30-year durability agreement for the projects.


Umahi said this at a news conference in Abuja on Monday, September 3. He said while such contractors would not be stopped from using their preferred raw materials, they must however sign the durability agreement.


The former Governor of Ebonyi state maintained that taxpayers must get value for their money, adding that contractors will no longer be paid for shady work.


He said; 


“We are not stopping asphalt works but it is not possible to be paid for a job that we know will not stand for five years.

“Nigerians must get value for their money paid as tax. Enough of contractors doing shady work and getting paid for it.

“The concrete road when properly done will last for 50 years and we have success where we have done that apart from the one I did in Ebonyi.

“Before I left office, we delivered Abakaliki Ridgeway Road, which was funded by the African Development Bank.”



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