Nigerian Woman Breaks Down In Tears As Her Canada Visa Gets Approved (Video)


Canada Visa

A Nigerian woman could not hold back tears as she showed off her passports after her Canada Visa got approved.

The lady took to her TikTok page to announce the approval of her application so netizens could join in her celebration.

Evidently, the lady was too stunned for words as she showed off the various passports after her Canada visa got approved.

Tears of happiness ran down her cheeks as she celebrated her impending relocation to the country.

Thank you Jesus,” the lady captioned.

See Video Below;


Thank you Jesus 🙏🇨🇦🇨🇦

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See reactions below;

Oma peace said: “Please when you reach there abeg I day beg you, don’t start turn to motivation speaker, because the one’s we have is enough am I’m tired of them.”

ladyG gg said: ”Congratulations. But I will not cry. Canada or not Canada. Nigeria will be great again. We still have hope.”

kacydd said: “You de cry still de cover am, how are my sure you’re not pranking us.”

PrinceChris said: “Why are you girls making it to look like getting a visa is a big deal.”

Investor-B said: “I always laugh when I see people crying all because of Canada visa e no go better for those who made Nigerians like this.”


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