Nigerian Soldier Seen Using Scissors to Cut Hair of Motorists (Video)


A video has surfaced online showing a Nigerian soldier cutting the hair of a civilian with scissors.


The incident happened at a roadblock in Nigeria. The young men were stopped by the soldiers who then went ahead to use scissors to cut their hair forcefully.


It is not yet known who posted the soldiers to the road to undergo such mission.


See reactions below:




No rules its just misuse of power over the less Privileged




Some rules are for the poor




This is actually nonsense na wat has someone hairstylist gat to do with this 😡😡😡😡




This is wrong ,try get money 😢,he get why




This is total nonsense Nigeria and misuse of power




An educated and well learned military man would never do this




Everything about Nigeria’s forces is Abuse!!!




I get mp wey go manage their whenever them do this to me I dey enter inside barrack with full hair why would special force cut am for roas




I swear I won’t gree Ajeh God self know say I no Dey fall for soldier only if I’m right like this ajeh we go fight tired 🥱 😂😂😂




This is so wrong… I don’t know who gave Nigerians the mentality that dread is rough or bad… Come here in South Africa you’d see a working class person with dread… It follows culture




More reason I don’t pity them when boko haram deals with them


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