Nigerian Lady Attacks ‘Lazy’ Woman Using Her Three Children to Beg for Money (Video)



A Nigerian lady has attacked a woman begging with her three children.



The lady accused the woman of laziness, wondering why a healthy person would prefer to use her children to beg instead of hustling like other people.


According to the lady, she sees the woman at different junctions. She urged the woman to look for a job like every other person since she’s healthy.


Watch video below:



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Don’t even know what to say. SMH




Plus what defines “healthy”? Helping her is better than this show of anger. Anyone facing the shege of this country might react but we should think twice.




A man from another state use to beg for money in my hometown, I’ve known him for that for the past 10yrs. Now the man has built himself a house in his hometown, not that alone, he also established his wife😂 well, we heard that he use to sell those money to some people sha. To help sef nah wahala but we can’t stop stop helping people because that’s what we believe in.




She might have been seeing her in the same spot for months , but some make a lot of money from begging so they believe they can’t make such selling stuffs , so they keep begging but I am sure business won’t be as usual with the current Situation in the country




But there are better ways to handle issues like this…why not just dey contribute money together and gather a tangible amount of cash and give her, advice her to start up a business instead of yelling at her😏




Exposing the children to this dangerous society



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