My Wife Inspects My Private Parts Because She Suspects I Am Cheating On Her


A man named Ronald Kaputo has filed a complaint at the Kabushi Local Court in Zamfara, stating that he has no peace in his marriage because his wife suspects him of adultery.

Kaputo claims that his wife, Maggie Chiluba, goes to the extent of using a razor blade to remove his shorts while he sleeps, as part of her suspicion that he is cheating.

He said, “Most times when she wants s3x and I tell her that I am tired, she gets upset. She checks my private parts and accuses me of sleeping with other women.

“If I sleep with my shorts on, she will get a razor blade to tear. I have no peace in this marriage. She has done well to bring me here so that you can help us.”

According to Zambia Observer, Ronald was sued for marriage reconciliation by Maggie.

He said, “My wife does not respect me and has got to the stage that she pours her urine from the chamber pot on me when I am sleeping.

“Sometimes my wife publicises our bedroom issues to other people.”

He said Maggie does not like his relatives visiting them as she always accuses them of coming to destroy their marriage.

The couple, who have been married for four years, have no children.

But Maggie said all was well in their marriage until February this year when Ronald started coming home late.

She said, “One night, I followed him and saw him entering a certain house. When I knocked on the window, he came out and beat me in the presence of his girlfriend.”

Maggie said since then there has been no peace in their marriage.

She said, “I brought him here so that the court can counsel us because I still believe this marriage can work.

Passing judgment, the presiding Senior Magistrate, John Kabwe, sitting with Emeldah Masuwa, reconciled the couple and advised them on how to live in harmony.

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