My Husband Cheats On Me With A Girl He Kept In His Friend’s Room In Our Compound



A Nigerian lady, Patience has cried out on social media.



She took to social media to lament that her husband cheats on her with different ladies, including a girl he kept in his friend’s room in the same compound where they live. 


She disclosed this on Monday, November 20, while reacting to a post by another lady who said she is finding it hard to forgive her husband for cheating on her.


She wrote;


“Please my dear, don’t cry again, I feel your pain, cos it’s not easy to deal with this cheating husbands, even my own husband, am tired with his cheating habit, this morning I found out that he kept a girl in his friends room, in the same compound where we live, that is why he is always late to bed and leaves the house very early to his friends room to complete his morning sleep. so this morning I saw the girls remaining use cream in his back, when I confronted him, he lied and told me that the cream Is for a spiritual work, not from a girl. even the condoms I know he has, he has finished using it on the girl, by the time I check this morning, now he is carrying face for me because I found out what he is doing, making me a victim of what he did so that I will beg him, and he can pretend for Africa, always cheating and pretending. see am tired”



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