Mr Eazi – ChopLife SoundSystem (Album)

Choplife Soundsystem, an African music collective consisting of Dj Edu and Mr Eazi, has unveiled their inaugural release titled “Choplife Vol 1 – Mzansi Chronicles,” presented by Choplife Limited/emPawa Africa.

Earlier this year, the duo introduced themselves with the single “Wena,” which serves as the lead track on their latest project. The song features the vocals of South African singer Ami Faku. Now, with the release of their album, ChopLife SoundSystem renews their commitment to elevating Afrosounds to new heights.

As a dynamic and boundary-pushing duo, ChopLife SoundSystem draws inspiration from a renowned West African Pidgin phrase, “chop life,” which means “enjoy life,” as well as the transitional sound systems and rhythms deeply ingrained in Jamaican music culture. Motivated by the likes of Major Lazer, this Afrodance partnership aims to adapt and infuse the Jamaican sound system culture with African sensibilities.

Embarking on their musical journey with “Choplife Vol 1 – Mzansi Chronicles,” the first installment of their music series, the duo is poised to dominate the African music scene. The mixtape features fourteen tracks recorded in South Africa, between Capetown and Johannesburg, immersing listeners in the vibrant South African club scene that produces remarkable, world-class music. Collaborating artists on the album include Focalistic & Anaati on “By Force,” Ami Faku, Moonchild Sanelly, Major League DJs, Mellow and Sleazy, Nkosazana Daughter, 2woshort and Stompiiey, Mo-T, and Aymos on “Ziwa La.”

Contributing to the project’s production are renowned figures such as Mozambique’s DJ Tárico (known for the 2021 hit “Yaba Buluku” featuring Burna Boy) and South African beatmakers Mellow & Sleazy, Ghetto Boy, Milan Rendall, LuuDaDeejay, Soul Jam, Mathondos, as well as Nigeria’s Type A. This fusion of Afrocentric and cross-cultural elements positions the project to resonate with a wide range of African music enthusiasts. Mr Eazi emphasizes, “This is not just a side project; this is a serious project.”

While the current project prominently embraces Amapiano, a thriving South African house style that has gained popularity across the continent in recent years, future installments of the mixtape series will explore additional African club and party music styles. Mr Eazi expresses his enthusiasm for the concept, stating, “I like the idea of immersing myself in a new location for 30 days and creating a project.”

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