Melaye Shares Video Evidence Showing Electoral Official Thumbprint Ballot Papers


Dino Melaye, the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 off-cycle election in Kogi has released a video showing electoral officials thumb-printing ballot papers.


According to Melaye, electoral official had to pre-fill the ballot papers in order to give Usman Ododo, the candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, the numbers he needed to win the state’s governorship election on November 11.

“This is just one out of the many crimes they’re trying to cover. Electoral Officer, Okehi LGA opened his office for thumbprinting of ballot papers for APC Candidate. This was done to enable them to meet up with the figure pre filled on the result sheet.Police over to you,” Melaye wrote.


In the video, electoral officials were seen thumb-printing voting sheets.


Recall that Melaye declined to vote during the election in protest of the claimed widespread rigging that occurred during the state’s election.


Melaye, who claimed that INEC was complicit in the rigging that resulted in his loss in the state governorship election, also stated that he would not contest the election outcome in court.


Watch video below:

@thandiubani Honestly, INEC is a disgrace. How can electoral officers thumb print electoral materials in this fashion. This is totally unacceptable. #dinomelaye #kogielection #inec ♬ original sound – Thandiubani

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