Many Actresses Have Their Secrets, I Do Not Live A Wayward Life

 Blessing CEO

In recent times, Blessing Okoro, the self-acclaimed and controversial relationship expert, who is also known as Blessing CEO, has been in the news for many wrong reasons.

For some time, she and an actress, Nkechi Blessing, had been tackling each other on social media, with Nkechi allegedly going to CEO’s office and daring her to do her worst.

However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, CEO claimed that Nkechi once begged her at an event not to deal with her.

She said, “Blessing started throwing ‘shades’ at me since the issue of Bimbo Ogbonna (the deceased wife of a businessman, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, aka IVD) last year. I later met her at an award show that same year, and I wanted to deal with her but she pleaded with me to leave her alone, adding that social media is not real life.

“I eventually blocked her online after she kept throwing shades at me, and even body-shamed me.”

She added that she regarded Nkechi as a noisemaker. According to her, the video she (Nkechi) made when she was at her office was posted on social media after she had already left my location. She stated that (Nkechi) should have made a live video like she did.

CEO also claimed that contrary to what many might think online, she was actually not living a wayward life, but was just bold. “Many actress have their secrets. I do not live a wayward life, so I am bold. Many celebrities avoid conflict to keep their secrets.”

Advising women to heal after a breakup before going into a new relationship, she said, “I always tell people that they need to heal after every relationship. Otherwise, they would bleed on their new partner. For example, some relationships make some women think that domestic violence is normal. One needs to unlearn and relearn after every relationship.”

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