Man Walks Out Unscathed Following Ghastly Car Accident (Video)



A young man who survived a ghastly car accident came out of the car without a scratch on his body.


In the video making the rounds on social media, it captured the moment a Lamborghini sports car found itself under a truck.

Onlookers who rushed to the accident scene successfully forced the door of the driver’s side open and surprisingly, the driver was shielded by the car’s airbag.

The man walked out of the car unharmed like nothing happened while checking if his phone and wallet were intact.

This has left many social media users thanking God on his behalf while calling it a miracle.


Watch Video Below;

See Reactions Below;

@Dmarie_roberts wrote: “My God!!! I knew he was real already but OMG!!!! Bless that Man!”

@DiyaoluOpeyemi penned: “It’s mostly at this point you realise how unimportant luxuries are.”

@MegaBrickz opined: “Sometimes you have to just acknowledge that lady luck is shining on you.”

@femiiswealthy stated: “Death flashed in his eyes. Now come give your life to Christ. You’re alive again for a reason best known to God. Make Him proud.”



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