Little Boy Breaks Down In Tears, Asks Father To Sit With Him In Class (Video)



A video has sparked mixed reactions of a young boy insisting that his father follow and sit with him in class.

The father took his son to school, but the son refused to stay in school alone without his father.

He ended up taking his dad to his class, where he asked that he sit down on the chair and learn in his classroom.

The little boy kept crying, while repeatedly begging his father to not leave him.

See Video Below;

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See some reactions to the video below;

@Cherry Gold explained: “My boy used to cry like this, I felt it was normal. Not until I decided to go to the school earlier to pick him and I insisted on entering the class myself to get him and realize his teacher beats not just him mercilessly and eats their snacks. I fought the teacher oo Omo people gathered oo”

@Eddy wrote: “I won’t laugh because this was me in the nursery school. I still remember after 44 years. Life!”

@teniola673 said: “please pay attention to him something is not right at his age he’s meant to enjoy class not cry it got me tears”

@Merry reacted: “Carry am go beta school he no go gree come back house 😂😂”

@Adannaya_2022 stated: “Honestly i am definitely going to take him back home. I can’t stand seeing him crying oooo.”




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