Lady Shoots Her Shot At Man Who Lamented Being Terrible At Pricing Goods



A Nigerian lady has decided to shoot her shot at a man in a smooth manner after he disclosed that he struggles with bargaining food prices at the market.


A social media user had taken to the X platform to quiz the pettiest reason anyone has in mind that makes them want to consider getting married.

@jiggyjiggaa caught many by surprise as he bluntly stated that he would not mind considering marriage just to have his woman do the pricing for him at the market because of his poor bargaining skills.

“I’m tired of sellers cheating me at the market😭😭😭. I want to get married and stay behind her so as she’s pricing I’d be shining teeth. My job will be to go nd look for pos to withdraw the money nd be dragging change “madam say na 800, where my change?!” he wrote.

Lo and behold, a pretty business lady declared interest in him while tendering her curriculum vitae that perfectly suited the young man’s description.

“You’re in Abuja, so am I. Not to brag, but I have a forte in bargaining. I run a company that supplies foodstuff to businesses here in Abuja, and most times I have meetings with my vendors to drive a good bargain. I once priced a bag of crayfish from 145k to 100k. You will enjo
y,” she said in reply.

See the exchange below;



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