Lady Shares Her Transformation After Being Dumped By Boyfriend Over Skin Issue (Video)


A lady who has been battling acne on her face has taken to TikTok to share a video of her transformation, leaving viewers in shock.

She showcased her remarkable journey from struggling to achieving clear and radiant skin, a transformation that took place after she was dumped by her man.

The viral video not only showcases the physical transformation but also delves into the emotional toll that skin issues have taken on the lady’s self-esteem and her relationships.

In the captivating clip, @shezlaura courageously reveals her before-and-after transformation, documenting the challenges she faced while combating acne.

See Video Below;

@_shezlaura_ I would’ve blocked me too🤣 #zimbabwe #zimtiktok #SAMA28 #trending #glowup #acne ♬ original sound – __DAVe

See how social media users are reacting to the transformation video below;

@Gwintok said; “Show me the girl he blocked again. I want to block her.”

@Latino–Caribbean said; “I think even today he would still block you.”

@miss_e.laine reacted; “What did you use for your face.”

@Veetee_ said; “Sometimes girls when they are in a relationship they relax but make effort after a breakup.”

@Lilisbeauty_empire said; “The first slide you were battling with hormonal acne, I passed through that months back.”


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