If You Use Proceeds From Your Years Of Struggle To Marry A Bad Woman, You Deserve To Be Put Into The Evil Forest


A Nigerian man, Uche Nonso Azubuine, has opined that any man who uses the proceeds from his years of struggle to pay the bride price of a “God forbid” deserves to be thrown into the evil forest.

According to him, men spend years of hard work to make something for themselves and do not deserve to marry women who would make their lives difficult.

“A young man will spend years after school trying to raise fund. For some it takes close to ten years after graduation. For those that learnt trade, it could bemore,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.
“Years of hard work and mental stress and at the end they will use all their life savings to go to one village with bad roads and aggressive youths and give them the money as bride price.
“As a man, if you use the proceeds from your years of struggle and marry God forbid, you deserve to be put into the evil forest.”



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