If You Plan On A Monogamous Marriage, It Will Be Disastrous To Marry An Older Lady



Reno Omokri


Nigerian activist, Reno Omokri has opined that if a man decides to be faithful, he should not marry a lady that is older than him.

According to him, there should be a healthy age gap between couples for a viable marriage.

In a post shared on his X handle, Omokri claimed that men retain their libido into theirs 80s and possibly 90s, while women lose theirs.

He averred that when a woman is older and she loses her libido, and this in turn, pushes men to start cheating.

He wrote;

‘’If you are a man with a healthy libido, it is risky to marry a woman who is of the same age as you. It is also risky, but less so, to marry a woman who is just a few years younger than you. However, IF you plan on a monogamous marriage, then it will be disastrous to marry a lady who is older than you. If you both agree that you can be polygamous, then it is not a problem. You say you are in love? Listen, love cannot control your libido. You, as a man will retain your libido into your eighties and possibly nineties if God spares your life. But women do not retain theirs that long. I do not think it is fair. But gender libido imbalance is a fact of life. So, if you marry a woman who is your age mate or older than you, and she loses her libido after menopause, but you retain yours, what are you going to do? Start disturbing Unilag girls? That is why there should be a healthy age gap between husband and wife for a viable marriage.”



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