I Thought I Would Die – Kemi Adetiba Shares Scary Experience

Movie producer, Kemi Adetiba has shed light on the health scare she suffered in year 2020, which lasted for about 6months.

The filmmaker revealed that she thought she was not going to survive it.

Kemi Adetiba, the producer of the infamous King of Boys movies, disclosed how God came through for her on April 22nd 2020.

Read her testimony below:

“If you watched the KOB Doc, you’ll know I had a pretty intense health scare in 2020 that lasted roughly 6 months.
Halfway through this health crisis, we opted for a particular surgery hoping it would cure my ailment. By this time, however, I was permanently on IV drip and fluids, because I couldn’t hold anything down. Not being able to eat, I was skin and bones having lost 30 pounds. I couldn’t stand and you count to 10. I had to be helped to move around and my mother bathed me. I was also severely anemic at the same time but couldn’t be treated specifically for it as doctors were afraid treatment would exacerbate my already worsening situation.

Because of how frail I was, a surgeon had opted out of performing the surgery because he was worried my body in its present state wouldn’t survive it. We eventually found a hospital and surgeon who after a buffet of tests said he could and would do it. I trusted the doctor… But when it came time for surgery, I became petrified.

As usual… My most amazing @jumokeadenowo called the morning of, and I mentioned my worry about surgery. She counseled and prayed for me. But before praying, she quoted this Bible verse that struck me deeply. The nurse then comes in to take me to the theater, and I started crying cos the fear my body wouldn’t live through surgery now crept back in. I remembered the verse SJ quoted and immediately asked for a pen. I wrote it on my palm and kept reading and reciting it till the anesthetic kicked in. When I woke from successful surgery, I noticed my slightly faded, scribbled verse still on my palm and took a pic – PSALMS 56:3
I stumbled on this pic a couple of days ago and got reminded yet again of God’s favour. I was also reminded of something else.
A bit of back story – I really wanted my wedding date to have some significance. Our dating anniversary? Valentines? My birthday? Something! But it wasn’t convenient or to be. However when I found this pic, I noticed my wedding date and the day I survived this surgery are exactly 2 years apart. Did I not want a significance to the day? Did I not get it? Isn’t God so awesome.
Have a lovely hump-day people.

Actress Sola Sobowale spoke glowingly of Kemi Adetiba in a recent interview. The actress said she has not featured in any movie as big as filmmaker Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys.

The 57-year-old said this in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo shared on Instagram. Sola Sobowale described King of Boys as an opportunity for her to showcase her potential.

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