I Expect A Man to Provide Outfit for Me When Going On A Date With Me – Caramel Plugg



Content creator, Ogechi Ukonu aka Caramel Plugg has said she expects a man to provide her with an outfit when going out on a date with her.



This is one of her criteria for going on a date with guys.


She made the revelation while speaking in an interview with Punch Saturday Beats.


According to her, any man who wants to take her on a date should automatically know that he is providing an outfit and transportation fee to aid her decision to either come or not.


Caramel Plugg added that it isn’t right for ladies to ask directly for them but should allow the man use his discretion to do the right thing.


She said: “I do not feel it is right for a lady to demand material things like clothes and cab fare when going on a date. It is important that before you date a person, you understand them.

“As for me, if I am going on a date, I don’t have to ask (a man) for anything. I feel that a man should just know what to do. The expectation is there, but it is not in my position to ask the man for it. If my expectation is not met, I can make my decision based on that.”


Speaking further, she blasted men who always slut-shamed women, saying that such kinds of men are usually the insecure type.


She said: “I feel like men who slut-shame women are very insecure. If you slut-shame someone you do not know and call her ashewo because she’s rocking designers or any other reason when she never offered you such service, it only shows that you are insecure and that such a person is doing better than you.”



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