I Am Not An Internet Sensation That Operates In The Market

Denrele and Bobrisky

Popular Nigerian media personality and crossdresser, Denrele Edun has reacted to claims that Bobrisky has overthrown him.

A netizen known as @Iykology took to X to share his observation about the disappearance of Denrele as many people’s attention seemed to be focused on Bobrisky.

He opined that Bobrisky has ousted Denrele in that regard, and this prompted a reply from Denrele.

Denrele Edun clarified that he is a ‘media personality’ with over 30 decades of experience in show business.

Denrele explained that Bobrisky is a social media sensation who doesn’t operate in the entertainment market.

He cautioned the netizen to put an end to pushing such narrative about him.

The netizen had written …

“Who still remember Denrele? Naso Bobrisky take style pursue em commot for market.🤣”

Denrele reacted …

“Deaden this Narrative.

This is 2024.


Denrele Edun is a Media Personality with a Professional Career spanning over 3 Decades of Expertise, Experience and Exposure in Showbiz.

He is not an internet sensation and doesn’t operate in markets.

Thanks for coming to my TedX talk.”


See reactions below;

l.tobiloba said: “Denrele is a well-educated media personality, not a classless nonentity like Bob who uses social media for the wrong reasons.”

beccaszn penned: “It’s actually an insult to try to compare Denrele to Senior man! Very insulting pls!!!”

oziomanwughala asserted: “They need to quit disrespecting Denrele. Imagine comparing him to talentless clowns.”

ighonova wrote: “Denrele is a professional and legend in the media industry. We will not tolerate any disrespect.”


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