Husband Who Mocked His Wife After Beating Her Kneels To Beg For Forgiveness (Video)



A man seen in a viral video assaulting his wife before mocking her in the presence of their children has gone on his knees to beg for forgiveness.



Recall that we had reported about the incident which went viral on social media.


The husband beat up his wife in the presence of their children and their cries did nothing to stop him.


The video went viral, sparking outrage, and the case was reported to the police station in the area.


However, speaking following the incident, the battered wife said she was intimidated by the DPO.


She claimed the DPO silenced her and told her she must go and live with her husband. 


She said she made it clear to them that she didn’t want to continue living with her husband, but their actions at the police station made her scared.


She lamented: “Because I’m fearing. As I want to talk the DPO will do me ‘shhh’. The DPO will do me ‘shhhh’, that I must go and live with my husband. I was telling them that I don’t want to. I don’t want.”


Meanwhile, the husband was later seen kneeling to beg his wife after beating her up. The wife seemed reluctant to accept his apology.


Watch the videos below:



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