Housemaid Caught On CCTV Urinating In The Kitchen On Her First Day of Work (Video)



A CCTV camera has caught a housemaid using a kitchen utensil to urinate on her first day at work.



The maid unaware of the presence of CCTV camera, used what appeared to be a cup or bowl to urinate in the kitchen.


Unknown to her, her actions were recorded and brought to the attention of the public when the video surfaced.


See some reactions below: 


@Atuhurra: “Jessssuuuu.” 


@Eswine Reigns009: “she had an internation.” 


@Nantume Hajarah: “She was just lazy Bambi and some still have that villagelisms they have to just educate her.”


@Brighton Kalibala: “she is just dirty nothing ill she is planning.”


@Luke & Patience: “She needs to be educated about tidiness, sikyo mummy.”


See video below:


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