Go Back To Your Maker, Ask Him Why You’re Truly Here


Daddy Freeze

Bamike Olawunmi, the former BBNaija housemate, who is also known as Bambam has blasted controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze for allegedly belittling God.


The mother of two boldly advised Daddy Freeze to embark on a profound soul-searching mission, urging him to confront his Creator and seek answers as to why he was placed on this earth.

The Nation reported that Daddy Freeze stirred reactions after explaining a number of reasons why he cant worship God, whom he referred to as “god.”

He boldly stated that he can’t serve a god who couldn’t resurrect Mohbad, a god who allows tithe-paying children to go hungry and destitute, and who can’t halt election rigging.

However, using biblical parallels, Bambam rebuked Daddy Freeze by describing God as a spirit who needs a physical body, a vessel he can use to carry out his works.

She stated that most Christians are too focused on their personal problems to work with God only for miracles that the eyes and ears have not seen or heard.

She highlighted the fact that many people expect God to come down and do their Jobs for them.

BamBam jogged Daddy Freeze’s memory on how we offered ourselves when we came into this world, to be a vessel that God uses to do his works.

In her words: “God is a spirit, they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth. He needs a physical body, a willing vessel who will partner with him to execute his perfect will in the earthly realm. It is not his will that any should perish but that all may come to repentance and have everlasting life

“We speak of God this way because we expect him to come down and do all these things himself, you and I are meant to do ALL these things you’ve listed sir”.

In Mark 16:17-18, the bible says

“We are too busy doing our own thing and are not available to work with God to resurrect the dead and perform miracles that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard. Our faith is not even a grain of a mustard seed yet we have very powerful tongues to judge and criticize him”,

“Let’s quit these tables and start taking responsibility for OUR purpose here in the earth realm. We actually offered ourselves when we came into this world, we have forgotten. Go back to your Maker and ask him why you’re truly here. This will fill that aching void you can’t explain. It’s beyond the life we currently live”.


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