Fufu Is Now N100, This Is My Last Straw – Nigerian Says As He Calls For Nationwide Protest


A Nigerian man has called on his countrymen to protest over the change in the price of fufu in his locality.


The man lamented that the high price of the traditional food, fufu, which is now being sold as high as N100 per wrap is unacceptable.


According to him, this is the last straw.


Lamenting on Twitter, he wrote:


“Fufu is now 100 naira per wrap. This is my last straw and the camel has died. If you all won’t protest, I’ll do it alone. You can’t charge such a high price for fufu and expect me to stay calm.”



See reactions below:


@Witty_Dehstyney: “I am with you on this. Fufu needs to go back to 1 for N20, and 3 for N50.”


@layeesha6: “Pin pop is also 100 Naira from 20 Naira oo. I can’t bare it anymore also because I feel like my mental health is hanging on thin threads so I’m joining you to protest you have my support.”


@gaustinto1: “Before you protest, kindly take me there this weekend. I have sold my Tv and generator and the money is intact as I await your instructions.”


@Achara_Anaeto: “I have been buying fufu here 100, I went to the market two days ago and they were saying 150 there and then i protested.” 


@PatoEner: “I have been buying it 100 naira per wrap for over 2 years now, the size has gotten smaller self.”


@bentdaniels: “The mama tell me 6 wraps for 500naira yesterday, I look her with disbelief for my eyes, either this is see finish or I’m patronizing her too much cos what do you mean I should buy 6 fufs?? I wan open santana bank??”


@JoanAllor: “It has been 100 naira for over 5 years, just getting smaller in size… Abi na another dimension I de?”


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