Enough of Killing Northerners Recklessly – Arewa Youths Tell Tinubu, Shettima


The Arewa Youth Consultative Council has reacted to the accidental bombing of villagers in Kaduna by the Nigerian Army.


The council has demanded an investigation into the bombing.


The council said the airstrike that killed villagers celebrating Maulud in the Tudun Biri area of Kaduna State on Sunday was an unforgivable crime against humanity.


Zaid Ayuba Alhaji, the President of the council, made the remark in an open letter addressed to President Bola Tinubu and Vice President Kashim Shettima.


Ayuba called for an immediate investigation and disciplinary action against those behind the “mistake” that led to the airstrike.


He also called for compensation for the victims of the incident with an authoritative apology.


The letter titled: “Enough of the repeated and reckless killings of innocent civilians in Northern Nigeria,” reads partly: “Your Excellency, the entire North is thrown into deep shock over the killing of hundreds of worshippers celebrating the Maulud of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in Tudun Biri, Igabi LGA of Kaduna State.

“The Ariel bombardment believed to be by the Nigerian Air Force is such an unforgivable crime against humanity. Such civilian casualties in aerial bombardments aren’t the first, but because it is happening in the North, everything got swept under the carpet.

“You can recall that in 2020, a military jet dropped a bomb that landed in a compound, killing several civilians. Also, in April 2021, a fighter jet claimed to have “mistakenly” bombed men of the Nigerian Army, killing over 20 officers.

“On July 2022, a similar bombardment was carried out in the Safana Local Government Area of Katsina State etc.

“What kind of aerial bombardment happens without proper intelligence information and efficient strategic analysis? Who’s calling the shots, and who’s currently being held responsible for such atrocious recklessness? How can we continue to tolerate these deaths from the so-called “mistakes” of those that are supposed to protect our lives?

“Your Excellency, sir, we are communicating this to you because we’re confident that millions of Northerners may not bother about your appointments, policies and style of governance no matter how favourable or unfavourable they may be; but bitter happenings like this is condemnable. We demand an immediate investigation for disciplinary action and compensation with an authoritative apology.

“While we patiently wait to receive an address from the Vice President, National Security Adviser, Interior Minister, Defense Ministers or even any of the service chiefs, we do feel

the need to doubt their capabilities as competent custodians of each of their offices.

“Your Excellency, this letter should convey to you the grieving messages of the Northern people with hopes that you’ll understand the raging public anger, frustration and mass outrage.”

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